Monday, October 19, 2009

A Mitten's Just a Sock with a Thumb and No Foot

In it's most basic incarnation, anyway.

These are tubes of 2 x 2 ribbing. About half way up I put 8 sts on a piece of scrap yarn, cast on 8 sts and kept going. At the top I worked a few rounds of fairly rapid decreases. (Well, I did on the first mitten. I'm not quite to that point on the second one yet.)

The yarns are leftover odds and ends of worsted weight wool. I just changed colors whenever I felt like it on the first and made the second to match. When I changed colors, I worked the first round all in knit, for a smooth color transition, then went back to k2,p2.

I haven't decided what color the thumbs will be. At first I thought about the dark blue used at the cuff, but looking at the picture I'm now considering medium green.


Anonymous said...

I vote for red thumbs ;-)

(I just ordered your book on Amazon.)

Leslie said...

I vote for the light (almost lime) green right below where the thumbs are marked.

junior_goddess said...

I like a lot. I am suffering from single mitten syndrome right now.