Monday, October 20, 2008

Thanks to all who left comments questions about the crumpets

I found the rings in a little kitchen supply store in Madison whose name I can't remember. I only stumbled on/into it because it is next door to the Penzey's spices on University Ave. They items were actually marked as "flan rings" (?), but I recognized their potential immediately. They cost just under $5 each, so I only bought two. As it turns out, two are sufficient, because I can have two crumpets going on the first side (in the rings), and two on the second side (without rings), and that's as much as the griddle can fit and I can handle at once.

They really were good (especially with blueberry preserves). I added just a little Penzey's "Baking Spice" to the batter, which was a nice addition. Mr S loved them, and even took some to work, and bragged them up. Now they are all gone - time to make more soon.

Tracy asked about English muffins. I've never made those (yet), but according to The Joy of Cooking the procedure is very similar. It just uses a different batter.
The Last Hurrah

Most everything has gone to seed or been frost nipped. But up near the front door the Impatience are still going strong, and a lone poppy is waving over the mums, while a couple of orange nasturtiums are nearly buried under them.

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junior_goddess said...

I am looking at photos of the crumpet rings and thinking "canning jar rings"

Yes? No??