Sunday, October 12, 2008

Studying Up

A couple of months ago, I mentioned to our village clerk that I would be willing to serve as a poll worker. She took me up on it, and scheduled me to attend some training sessions. So I spent Friday morning in Darlington at a class for election inspectors put on by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board. I went with another woman, Barb, who is another first timer. We both felt a little bit over our heads, not least because by a fluke of scheduling, we won't get the basic poll worker session for another two weeks. But we did come home with hefty manuals. Looks like I have some studying ahead of me.

Barb and I are of opposing parties (a deliberate balancing on the part of the powers that be), but we both pretty much avoided any political discussion and had a nice ride over and back. And we did share a common goal of wanting to help the democratic process and to see that the election goes smoothly and according to proper procedures. Now to go start comprehending and remembering those procedures.


magnusmog said...

That is so exciting, it feels like this is going to one historic election :)

CatBookMom said...

Kudos to you for volunteering for such a responsible job! We opted for permanent absentee ballot status, and we find that it works very well for us.

And I'm LOL at the ride in which two poll workers of opposite sides managed not to discuss politics!! My BFF is of the party opposite to me and sends some 'interesting' emails; I just zap them unread. Love her too much to argue.

junior_goddess said...

Yes, riding with the opposition would be difficult. I called my dearest childhood friend a bedwetting hippie in the last election.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! I have been thinking about doing that, too, but this is not the year -- broken ankle has precluded it. Next year maybe. There is one poll worker who really, really shouldn't be doing it, and I would like to replace her. She makes comments about how people vote -- can you believe it?

smariek said...

I can't believe there's that much homework involved.