Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I drove up to Madison yesterday

to have lunch with my Mom and take her to an eye doctor appointment (just her yearly check up). On the way in, I stopped at the Sow's Ear to drop off a charity project hat, and what did I see but Elizabeth's Shorewood Cardigan, displayed on a dress form up front. (You can see a picture here if you scroll down to Nov. 13). It was just gorgeous in person, wonderful use of color, and the pattern is available in the current Knitcircus magazine. That's another of Elizabeth's terrific Fair Isle designs on the cover.

Note to Marie in CA: Knitcircus is a fairly new publication, probably not showing up on the shelves of big bookstores. Ask your LYS if they are carrying it yet....(yeah, that's a plug).

On the way back from the eye doctor, we happened to be passing the Penzy's Spices store, so I had to stop in. I hadn't been in ages. Love walking around sniffing the different offerings, and I had been wanting to try one of their salad dressing blends - I chose Green Goddess, plus picked up some curry power and Baking Spice. Next door was a little kitchen supply store I hadn't been aware of before (maybe they are new?) and found these:

They are crumpet rings! I may have mentioned once or twice before that I am not much of a cook. But Mr S and I do love crumpets. So I'm going to give it a try.

In the evening, I took magnusmog's suggestion and knit on the purplish seed stitch scarf while watching/listening to the presidential debates, and knocked off at least 7 inches.


CatBookMom said...

Love those Penzey's spices! There's supposedly a store way across metro LA, but we're pretty happy with ordering online. Such good recipes, too!

Thanks for the reminder about Elizabeth's blog; somehow it fell off the read-frequently list, and she is a delightful knitter. My uncle loved the 'Habit-Forming' scarf of hers that I made for him last winter.

smariek said...

I've heard of Penzy's from Bets, she raves about their stuff. I haven't seen their store in my neck of the woods (SF Bay Area). How lovely it must be to be able to stiff everything in the store. Sounds as good as a tea shop!

Re: Knitcircus. LOL. I still have yet to visit the LYS in my New City! And I've lived here for a year now. I did however make it to a shop a couple towns over.

Seed stitch... that's what I need, some mindless knitting. I really LOVE the seed stitch look, but at the same time I find it awfully tedious.

magnusmog said...

oooh, crumpets!

Elizabeth said...

(blush) Thanks for the plug! We appreciate it! I'm not sure when or if we'll ever be able to crack any big chains, be they book or craft stores. Our best hope is to build enough momentum with the independent yarn shops that eventually the big fish will let us in the door.

junior_goddess said...

Ohhh, I ordered Penzeys today! My latest theory is that I can combine the relatively inexpensive Parisien Bonne Herbs with Shallot Pepper and have it approximate Sunny Paris (which is a little spensive.) I have an entire bag of P B Herbs, but was out of Sunny Paris, so I tossed a small Shallot pepper in my cart too. i bought Baking Spice too, but have a small jar of Green Goddess on hand. Did you get your free garlic??

I need a crumpet recipe. Can you suggest one on-line??