Friday, September 05, 2008

This and That

I've been meaning to mention that Yarn Thrower Laura has written up the pattern for a really cute pair of (seamless!) baby booties, and has posted it on her blog. She's even included two ways to work them: top down and bottom up.

I finally finished seaming up the Warm Up America afghan blocks. Now it's washed, packed up and soon to be on it's way to Iowa.

Remember the sock with the gaping hole in the bottom? I decided that instead of darning it, I would just re-knit, because it wasn't that far from the toe, and because I wasn't sure how comfortable a darn would be under the ball of the foot, and most of all because I enjoy the process of knitting and do not particularly enjoy the process of darning.

I "always" save the leftover bits of yarn when I've finished a pair of socks, just so I can use them for mending later. Always must be relative, because I couldn't find the leftover bits of this yarn. So I ended up using small amounts of three others.

I think the finished effect is rather festive (you can click on the picture for a close up). Of course, it no longer matches the undamaged sock, but life is too short to worry about things like that. And of course I no longer have mending yarn in those other colors, but Ha! they were all from socks that I gave away, or lost, or something. At any rate, they are all from socks no longer in my possession, and therefore not subject to mending by me.


YarnThrower said...

I think the sock looks as good as new!

Thank you for the referral!

Have a great weekend!

smariek said...

Hey that beats reknitting socks. Who is really going to see when you wear shoes?

Elizabeth said...

I have lots of leftover bits of sock yarn around, too, and have also noticed that the sock that needs repair and the yarn on hand NEVER match up. So, yeah, I've done the some-what coordinated repair before, too. Yours looks great.