Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some things that affect my gauge

The temperature
The humidity level
My fatigue level
The background music (if any)
My mood
My posture
The number of stitches on the needle relative to its length
Whether or not the cat is sitting on the yarn

Really, it's a wonder anything comes out even remotely even.


I've found myself thinking a lot about Mrs. Bard and her Wintuk sweater. I still think the wording of the testimonial is funny, but really, she must have been so happy to see anything intact after the flood, and especially something she had knit, it's all kind of touching. And I have to remind myself of what a miracle fiber acrylic must have seemed when it was new. No color fading, no shrinking or felting, no moth holes, non-allergenic..... A good wool sweater can last a long time, if properly cared for, but acrylic takes a beating (which is why I still use it from time to time - "know your recipient" being one of my mottos).

kmkat raised the question why anyone would intentionally ladder their stockings. As much as I can tell from the little drawing, I think it was the 19th Century version of fishnet hose. That, and maybe every knitter just needs a new trick now and then (or every publisher needs new copy).


magnusmog said...

Gauge affectors also include

if the cat is sitting next to you with the yarn between it's teeth slowly sucking it as it slides past.

Not Magnus for once, but another offender who goes by the name of Original Puss. I was knitting at a friends house and couldn't understand why my yarn was damp!

Leslie said...

In other words, Cindy, LIFE affects gauge :-D

SSK* said...

Wine affects gauge, too. 'Nuf said!