Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Excuse my French, but

Damn, it's hard to take a picture of your own foot.

At any rate, I finished the vacation socks, which are really more like footlets, but they're summer covers for the feet at any rate, which is all I was really after. I used a new-to-me toe variation that came out a little shorter than anticipated. I usually make a wedge toe, mostly because I can do it without thinking and I know exactly where to start it for a good fit (halfway up my little toe). But I feel I should make an effort to extend my repertoire from time to time. On this pair, I could have used an extra four or five rounds in the foot length. But this yarn is stretchy, and I think they will do. Some things I'm willing to rip back. Some things I'm not.

Speaking of socks, I got the Knit Picks catalog featuring their sock blanks for dye it yourself projects.

I would so love to have about 10 of those, because the dying part looks like so much fun. I think they would be much easier to handle than hanked yarn during the process, and much easier to get two matching socks. But I'm not ordering any, at least for now. Because I know that if I finished off one or two I would be going crazy wanting more right away. I have had fun looking at some of the finished results people have posted at the KP website.


Nice free patterns alert:

Marie has posted a link to a chart for her cabled "Triumph" scarf. (A picture of the swatch is here.)

And Grace's Loving Hearts Doll Shawl is just too sweet.


TracyKM said...

I think I read that the yarn is double stranded so that both socks will turn out 'identical'. However, it's possible for one strand to be behind the other and not dye as well in some areas (depending on your dyeing technique and patience). My big issue is then you either have to knit two at a time, or unravel the blank and make two balls, or roll up one ball as you knit one sock... but it still looks like fun and one day I will do it with my machines. One day....LOL.
Your socks are cute!!

magnusmog said...

hurray for new socks - they look great :)

YarnThrower said...

Your sock is adorable! I just love it -- very cute.

I'll have to check out the knitpicks sock thing dye it yourself...not because I have any time to do it now, but the concept sounds really interesting!

smariek said...

Cute socks. Never would have imagined the photographic difficulty, lol. Just the other day, I was trying to take a photo of a hat on my head and couldn't get any of the photos to come out right.

Thanks for mentioning my Triumph Scarf.