Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hooray for The Road to Socialism!

My Opal sock yarn order arrived, and the colors of "The Road to Socialism" are just as nice as they looked on the computer screen. OK, I confess I ordered two colorways.... well three (but the third is on back order.) The one on the right is "Singing Steamer".
I've been making progress on the "Rainy Day on Dear Waves" pair. I decided not to do an afterthought heel, so I "unvented" a sort of shape that looks pretty much like a heel.

Actually, after I finished it, I realized that it'a pretty similar in construction (though not exactly identical) to the "Shaped Common Heel" in Nancy Bush's Folk Socks. Mine didn't involve any grafting, but does have a couple of little "dog ears" where the gusset pick ups start and end. They flatten out it wear, though. It fits pretty well, and I think I will just go ahead and do the second one to match.

Sometimes everyone has to get in on the act.

Sock With Two Cats and a Shoe


The portion of the Red Scaft that I blocked did flatten out very nicely, so now it's full steam ahead to finish it in time for the deadline.


The basement is almost completely dry!! Thank goodness for sunny weather. There are still some issues to be dealt with for the long run, like we really do need a sump pump. So we'll be calling around.

It does appear that some of the water was coming from the water softener, just assumed it was part of the general flood. So that puppy is shut down for now.


YarnThrower said...

Glad you're getting dried out a little bit, though frustrating I am sure. "Your home is your hastle"...oops, I mean "castle"... Your sock looks quite original!...and it appears to fit perfectly. Very nice!

MollyBeees said...

Gorgeous socks! Gorgeous Baxter too!

magnusmog said...

Good to see Baxter joining in :)