Sunday, September 30, 2007

Darn I Missed It!

We were sitting in the park on Friday night, waiting for the Pep Band, and Homecoming Court to arrive. 10 minutes after the appointed hour, they hadn't arrived. 15 minutes and they hadn't arrived..... It's only two blocks from the school to the park, (though the procession generally wends its way down to Main Street, and back, for a total of about 7 blocks.) So what was the delay? Turns out there was a bit of an accident at the head of Main Street, involving a squad car and a tractor pulling a wagon load of manure. (Not part of the procession, mind you.) And I missed it! Darn, darn, darn, darn, darn! Still the fireworks show after the pep rally (new this year), was satisfyingly impressive.

We were out of town on Saturday, so completely missed (in Mr S's view, avoided) the Homecoming parade and game. We drove to a suburb north of Chicago to attend the memorial service for a good friend's mother. We overestimated the amount of time needed to get there, and ended up with about 45 minutes to kill, so stopped in at the local library. I was blown away. They had a coffee shop at the front entrance. The fiction room has a large reading area with gas fireplace. There is an entire room of music and videos. Many foreign language items in all categories. Our entire little Blanchardville library could fit into the reception/checkout areas alone. I headed upstairs to nonfiction to check out the knitting selection. About 4 shelves, including not one, but two copies of The Principles of Knitting. Oh yeah, and the Alice Starmore Fair Isle Book. Ai, yi, yi.

No new knitting pictures. I finished off and blocked the Red Scarf today, then worked on more swatches of a stitch combination that is almost but not quite doing what I want it to.

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YarnThrower said...

Your story about the load of manure reminded me of a time when dh and I were bike-riding on a bike trail, and we had to stop and wait because they were herding a bunch of cows. I bet you don't see either of those things happening in Chicago! :-)

Four shelves of knitting books. WOW. Middleton has less than one shelf of knitting books, including zero Alice Starmore.....though, it's still a nice library... I've not checked for any Alice Starmore in the south central system to know what might be available. Hmmmm....perhaps a project for this week...