Monday, November 27, 2006

Tiger, Tiger

Generally speaking, these two don't settle down in the same room, much less within three feet of each other, but it's a rainy day and for now they are peaceable kingdom tigers.

The other tiger in the house is the in-progress shawl/stole.

I'm about halfway up the first side. I'll work a few more repeats of the little design at the top, then go back to the Tiger Eye pattern. But before I do, I'll have to wind off another skein of yarn. This still feels closer to what I think of as fingering than what I think of a lace weight. I suppose I should do a WPI check just for the record. I think I'm going to like this, but I think I would like it even better in a lighter yarn. (I also think just one panel would make a dandy scarf.)


CatBookMom said...

The Tiger Eye is looking fabulous. I was thinking about you last night, when I was working on your Lace Scarf pattern (name escapes me), with the diamonds in the middle. I'm doing it in Elann's Baby Cashmere, and it is working up easily and will be a gorgeous gift.

kmkat said...

Aren't cats the funniest critters? Our senior cat despises both dogs and both younger cats, so she always arranges herself with her back to whichever of them happens to be closest. "I am the only cat in the room/universe."

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to knit, but I feel as if I know these cats.
Mr. Scrump

Laurie said...

I LOVE your Tiger Eye pattern. Beautiful job! You are very creative!