Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

Went to vote around 11 this morning. Voting here in B-ville has always been a joy. You walk into the library, you know the poll workers names, exchange pleasantries and vote. There is almost never a line. It feels like democracy in action. And one of the things I always loved best was the fact that you get an honest to God paper ballot that you mark with a pencil and there is no question of who you have voted for and since I trust our local workers I believe there is no question of whether your vote will be counted. It is simple, straightforward and transparent.

I am happy to report that there was no electioneering near the polls, no "poll watchers" lurking around to try to challenge voters. There was one of those electronic machines, and, sadly, people had been using it. But I was offered the choice of a paper ballot and of course took it.

So now it's been a long day, just waiting. I went out and pulled weeds for awhile because it was a lovely day and I find pulling weeds and spreading mulch to be soothing to the soul. Given the recent direction of the country, and the closeness of the elections, my soul needs soothing. I don't know if I will stay up and watch returns, or cower in bed with the blanket over my head.


kmkat said...

Same kind of voting experience here in M'town -- bars and coffee provided by the election judges to the voters after they cast their ballots. One of the election judges, however, is woman that everyone [who knows her] loves to hate. I had heard about her before I knew who she was. She joined my book group and now everyone there hates her. As one acquaintance put it, "An empty box makes the most noise." And that's Mary to a T. Anyway, she felt compelled to comment on how she thought I would vote. Loudly. Twice. Ah, the joys and tribulation of small town life. I wouldn't trade it, though.

My husband, Luddite that he is, chose a paper ballot. Geek that I am, I used the machine. But at least the WI machine prints out a paper receipt showing how you voted and you get to check it before the machine counts your vote.

Cindy G said...

Wow, the coffee and bars are a nice touch!

I was happy that one of the two candidates I was supporting for State Assembly won. (I didn't think either of them had a realistic shot).

I am in mourning that the so called "Marriage Amendment" passed, now enshrining discrimination against someone I dearly love in the State Constitution. It's bad enough to know how much hurtful discrimination there is out there, but to have it written into the constitution......