Friday, June 02, 2006

LACE FICHU Original Knitting Pattern

Le modèle inclut une traduction en français par Christine De Savoie. Merci Christine !

I've used the old fashioned term "Fichu" to describe this CindyKnits original pattern. It is not too complicated to work, but some lace/shawl knitting experience would be helpful.

This feather weight lace beauty is a triangle "extended" into a horseshoe or boomerang shape to fit smoothly over your shoulders. The center is worked in garter stitch from the lower point upward, shaped with short rows, and bound off at the neckline with a crochet chain. Then stitches for a narrow border with eyelet design are picked up along the outside edges and worked outward. Finally a lace border is knit onto the edging.

Instructions are provided in line by line format, with a chart included for the edging and explanations of abbreviations and special techniques, as well as photos of the shape while blocking and as worn. The patten has been test knit by another knitter. It requires approximately 440 yards of lace weight yarn.

Note: Errata for patterns purchased before Feb. 10, 2009 can be found here.



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beabea said...

this shawl is really beautiful!

Wood House Knits said...

Your shawl is beautiful!!!

Cindy G said...

Thank you so much.