Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Of Course

My size 2 double points showed up the day after I ordered replacements. There they were, staring at me from a spot I thought I had looked in, but obviously hadn't. It's enough to make you believe in pixies. I don't mind too much. The replacements were very inexpensive, from an online dealer I had been wanting to try (because the price seemed to good to be true). I expect they will arrive in about a week. It will be interesting to see what the quality is like.

In the meantime, the grey vest progresses.

I'm within a couple of inches of the point where I will divide for the armholes.


Anonymous said...

I hate it when something is invisible when you look at it, but shows up later. Happens ALL THE TIME...

Christine said...

That happens to me with books and needles all the time. I don't mind actually having extra needles, but it kills me to buy a book I already own. Thank goodness, Amazon takes returns no questions asked!