Monday, November 15, 2010

Not Bad, For the Price

The replacement needles that it turns out I didn't really need have arrived. For $2.99 per set, they aren't bad. The finish isn't glassy, but it's smooth enough. The points are a little blunt for my taste, but workable. In other words, they aren't Crystal Palace, but they will do. Why so many? Well I (thought) I needed to replace 2 sets of #2s, and decided it would be nice to have some 6" size 5's, because my current ones are 7". And by that time I was within spitting range of free shipping, so decided I might as well order a couple more sets as pay the postage. Hey, I might run into someone who needs them.

The grey vest has progressed past the division for the armholes and I'm working on the back. I'm doing a motif thingy in the middle that right now looks pretty much like a blob. I think it will look better when more of it is done, or when it's all done and blocked. Hope springs eternal.


YarnThrower said...

I like your idea for putting a motif in the back. Already anticipating what it will be :-)

MollyBeees said...

Your postman will thank you for not having to keep running to your house. You got all of your needles at once!