Friday, October 01, 2010

La Grippe, la grippe,

la post nasal drip....

It started Wednesday, with the scratchy sore throat and dry eyes.

Yesterday progressed to the feverish "head wrapped in cotton while laboriously trying to wade through waist deep molasses" phase. Didn't dress, in and out of bed all day, did get through about six chapters of Battle Cry of Freedom (a history of the Civil War).

Today have reached the nose running, sneezing, but "at least Thank God the congestion is breaking up" stage.

So I have my fingers crossed that I will be feeling halfway normal by the time I have to get up for work tomorrow.

I've rounded the bend on the thick socks with short row heels. As you can see, I decided to make them long thick socks. If I'm going for warmth, it makes sense.

I'd better keep plugging.. The forecast predicts temperatures in the 30's this weekend (though admittedly at night - the days should be a bit warmer than that).


Annie Pazoo said...

:-( I'm so sorry you're not feeling great. Big hugs from Maryland.

Christine said...


I feel your pain ~ literally. I had plans this weekend, but I'm home with a sore throat and a raging headache, along with what I think are my allergies going nuts. I was supposed to accompany my students on their trip to the Rose Bowl for UCLA's "I'm going to college" day, but instead have been in and out of bed all day. Hope you feel better soon ~ this is no fun at all.

PS: love those socks!

Anonymous said...

Force fluids, rest, and aspirin as necessary. Feel better fast. Great socks!

magnusmog said...

I'm late with the sympathy but here it is anyway. Hopefully you are feeling much better :)

YarnThrower said...

Oof - I hope you're feeling better soon! Also, noting the reference from the Guys and Dolls music, that piece cracks me up!

TracyKM said...

Post nasal drip sucks. My daughter gets it and her coughing keeps everyone ELSE up. Lately, although I feel fine during the day, once I lay down I can feel the congestion coming. Maybe I'll try the neti pot after dinner (learned not to do it right before bed) and see if that helps.