Monday, September 13, 2010

Carrying On

When I left off on the hat directions, I had just completed knitting one round in red, then, with white, working two rounds of *k3, sl 1; rep from *

This is what the stitches on the needle looked like.

I could have just knit the next round in red, for a windowpane effect, but I decided to get a bit fancy and throw in a little right cross (RC).

So this is how the directions for the next round would read: With R, * k2, RC;, rep from *

And this is how it is done:

With Red, knit two stitches. Then slip the next white stitch to the right needle and drop the red stitch off the left needle so that it falls toward the front.

Slip the white stitch back onto the left needle. With the tip of the right needle pick up the dropped (red) stitch and place it back onto the left needle.

The unworked white and red stitches are now both back on the left needle, but they have changed positions, with the red one crossing in front of the white one.

Now (with the R working yarn), knit both.

RC completed. Now k2, RC, k2 RC, etc. to the end of the round.

1 comment:

YarnThrower said...

Very fun! It's like a mini cable, except it doesn't have columns of purl stitches on both sides of it :-)