Monday, September 20, 2010

Back to the Dark Side

Laura noticed that the current socks are being worked from the top down. Well, yes, yes they are. That's because while in theory I understand the many reasons for working toe up, and affirm them; in practice, when I want a sock I don't have to think about at all, I revert to the comfortable, the familiar, the top down.

However, I do intend to push my limits (and try to get new ways to become familiar ones) by making short row heels. When I went to Knitting Camp this summer, one of my joys was learning and comprehending the yarn over method of working short rows. It's not that I can't "wrap and turn"; I just dislike it. I dislike it a lot.

Unfortunately, after only a couple of months, I couldn't quite remember how this really simple operation works. And my notes were sketchy. So I was very glad to find Mandie's photo tutorial. Yay! The light bulb came back on. Now I just have to finish the legs so I can go to town (or kick up my heels, or whatever).

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TracyKM said...

Mandie is EXTREMELY popular in the wool diaper cover knitting world; nice to know others know about her too!