Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yesterday Afternoon Was Sunny & Warm

so I planted the large pot by the front door. I should probably pinch back those double impatiens, to encourage them to fill out. But the flowers now look so pretty that I don't have the heart. There's a little lavender plant just in front of them that will probably be towering over them by the end of the summer, but if that happens I'll just swivel the pot so it's in back.

Today is cloudy and not so warm (though Mr S put his tomatoes in). I stayed in and worked on the handwarmers.

There has been some ripping back. I started out intending to do separate fingers, got through the little fingers on both hands, and changed my mind. These have a decidedly rustic aesthetic, but I like them.

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YarnThrower said...

Do you think it is safe for our plants yet? I might have lost a couple of vincas to the windy weather last week, but I put them in pots today and they are perking up a little bit... Those hand warmers are cute. Love the tassel... (I'm reading your posts newest to oldest -- am a bit behind in blog reading and it is taking me a while to catch up....but I'll get there... Those Mason Dixon folks are very haven't even gone near them yet...)