Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Poor Old Merlin

We've had heavy rains, thunder, lightning over the past couple of days and poor Merlin has been having a hard time. He's the first cat we've had who even seems to notice weather drama, and he notices it a lot, starting and flinching with every crash. Bob the Mellow, on the other hand, appears totally unconcerned.

The daffodils are a bit beaten down at this point, but I notice that some of the tulips have flower buds and will be open soon.

The grass will need mowing once the ground dries out.


junior_goddess said...

Poor boy. We had thunder a week ago, and Sonny was outside on the porch. He heard that rumble. got scared, and came in to sit with me.

MollyBeees said...

Cindy. A bunch of us (Eliz, Dale, Linda, Mary) are meeting at the Ear tomorrow night 6-8:30 and then to Culver's for ice cream after. Wanna go?

gail said...

poor kitty. Our cat, Cosmic, also hates thunder and lightning. In fact, he slinks down to the basement before the thunder is audible to us and he cowers down there until the storm is over. We can't convince him to come upstairs, even if cradled in our arms. He must still be afraid of getting wet outside--something in the memory of the species.