Friday, February 19, 2010

Thanking about packing

We're going to New Orleans at the end of the month - just a long weekend - and it's time for me to start figuring out what to take. I find myself stumped by the question "What do you wear in 60 degree weather?" It's been so long since we've had 60 degree weather that I've sort of forgotten. I expect the answer to this conundrum is "layers". And I think it will be safe to leave the long underwear at home.


Thanks to all for the good and helpful comments/suggestion re: the nametag conundrum. I did start one attempt at double knitting my name and ended up ripping it out. I kept losing my place on the chart and having to tink back long rows and then ending up confused as to exactly where I was. Something to do with having sets of two stitches on the needle for every square on the chart, in two colors, made it much harder to "read" my knitting: that and the way the pattern color and background color change every row. I may try again with the letters arranged vertically, or I may go for another option all together.

In the meantime, being in an experimental mood, I deided to go on and try the same thing with stranded knitting, weaving in the floats on the back. And for the heck of it I decided that this was the time to learn "magic loop" instead of using my usual double pointed needles. And, oh yeah, I threw in some crossed stitches on some of the diagonal "serifs".

One result of all the simultaneous experimentation was some serious tension control issues. Ah well, when I'm done I'll have a funky little bag, which may prove Useful, or Amusing, or maybe just a good example of What Not to Do.

At least I took Laura's good advice and added in some extra height to the letters on the chart.

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YarnThrower said...

That's cute! Are you thinking that this little bag will be your name tag? Really, it is adorable... And, the letters are the perfect height :-)