Monday, November 09, 2009

Two Purrs

Bob, seen here in his Cheshire Cat manifestation, has a loud and assertive purr.

He revs up the engines before he hits your lap and you can hear him coming. It gets louder as he attempts to climb up to your shoulder and purr directly into your ear. There are times when it gets, quite frankly, just a little annoying. More than once I've pushed him off with a "That's enough, Bob!"

Merlin, on the other hand, is more reserved.

He is social in his own way, will follow you from one room to another, then settle down a few feet away. If he is relaxed and in the mood, he will accept a scratch under the chin or around the ear, and his purr will start silently. You can feel it before you hear it, and it never gets very loud. I find myself seeking him out, trying to coax one out of him.

There's something to be said for playing hard to get.

1 comment:

Annie Pazoo said...

I'm smitten. Two very handsome, endearing fellows.