Friday, November 27, 2009

This is what I found when I came downstairs


For some reason, the cats find it absolutely imperative to wrestle the hearth rug into submission at least once a day - usually more.

What I found when I went downtown was this

Bad picture, but lovely new coffee shop, the "Pecatonica Grapevine". Actually, it opened last Friday, so I've already been in twice, once for coffee and once for a bottle of wine. (The wine is in the back room, which isn't as shady as it sounds, very charming display area actually). I'll get a better picture sometime after the Christmas decorations go up (probably tomorrow).

That storefront had been empty for a couple of years, so I'm grateful to Christine for opening her shop, and plan to give her as much business as possible.


kmkat said...

Cool! What is the significance of "Pectatonica"? Oh, never mind, Google to the rescue.

smariek said...

Coffee and wine, perfect.

I think the cats are practicing origami with the rug.

Elizabeth said...

Maybe I'll make a trek down your way to knit and chat there over Christmas break. Or even one of these school days...