Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Numb and Number

Dental appointment this morning. I don't know what they use for the numbing up stuff, but I suspect it's horse tranquilizer. I've been feeling totally dopey for the last three hours, very pleasantly calm, but slow, very slow. It was an appropriate enough mood and energy level for weaving in ends. Once they were woven, it seemed easiest to take a picture of my foot while lying on my back. So here's the Cheerful Traveller up in the air.

Opal 6 ply yarn, 58 stitches, top down with a heel flap heel. Mostly stockinette, with a little cable down the back of the leg, just to keep things interesting.

Now I think I'll go take a nap.


junior_goddess said...

Drool on your pillow?

Nice socks. BTW, how is your fundraising set up going?

Leslie said...

They won't get worn out if you walk that way :P

And my security word is "wansum" as in I wansum of those socks, Cindy - they're cute :)

Anonymous said...

Your horse tranquilizer and foot in the air and oncoming nap all made me chuckle. Great sock!