Monday, May 11, 2009

Got my knitting mojo back

Don't know if it was the yarn fumes, inspiring company, or just the R & R, but I came back from my trip jazzed up about knitting again. I have at least a couple of ideas for new projects buzzing around in my head, but then there are (ahem), there are those UFO's..... What to do? Charge into the new and exciting, or follow up on the poor abandoned orphans?

Well, I've decided to do a little of both.

For "new and exciting" I spent a day swatching some patterns from one of the Japanese stitch dictionaries. I have no notion whether I'm doing the technique correctly, because what I was doing seemed very awkward. But the results, while somewhat sloppy, do look more or less like the photos. (Will be in email consultation with Gayle on this one).

Finished a pair of baby socks that had been all done except for one foot and toe. (why did they sit around so long?)

Knit a blanket square that I can't show because it will be part of a gift (the recipient probably doesn't read this, but just in case).

Got about four more inches done on the "scrap shawl". This has reached the point where every row has about 240 sts, so it's growing more slowly. Now I will put it aside for Thursday night knitting, because those long rows with very little going on are perfect for conversational knitting.

I've turned both heels on my travelling socks, and progressed most of the way down one foot. I like these. They are cheerful.

So that only leaves the purple vest and two pairs of socks that need mending in the unfinished category (well there's a shawl that has been sitting for almost two years, but we aren't going to talk about that right now).

If I faithfully work away on at least one of the above every day, I'll allow myself to start some more noodling with swatches. Soon, very soon.....


Anonymous said...

Those are indeed cheerful socks -- I like 'em!

junior_goddess said...

GOOD! It's terrible to have lots of yarn staring you down!

smariek said...

The traveling socks look great. I like how you've placed a little cable twist down the center back.

My word verification is made up of only 2 letters: sesseses

Leslie said...

What happy socks!

We all have the knitting blahs occasionally. But those yarn fumes and pictures eventually overcome all.

magnusmog said...

That's great - there's nothing better than renewed enthusiasm :)

by the way - your spam trap word verification spelled MORON today. Do you think it's trying to tell me something?!