Sunday, April 05, 2009

Yahoo, Fondue

Yesterday, the Dearest Daughter came down from Madison and the three of us went to New Glarus for lunch. When I worked in New Glarus every day, I got pretty sick of the extreme cute Swissyness (especially the part where the bank made us wear dirndels during the summer festival season). But it's actually a really fun place to visit from time to time.

We had fondue at the Glarner Stube. The Stube is one place where the Gemutlicheit feels real (it's been there about forever), and the food is always good. After lunch we stopped at the bakery for a loaf of their crusty bread, then went across the street to The Bargain Nook. This is a thrift store that carries a lot of Lands' End seconds and returns. Daughter picked up a down jacket for $16 (marked down from $26). Mr S bought a pair of work pants for $1 (it was "all pants for a dollar" sale day). And I got The Shoes That Everyone Hates, or at least the Lands' End version thereof.

All in all, a very satisfying afternoon.


smariek said...

Those shoes make me think of Crocs, nice for puttering around the house in ... and having ample space for wearing hand knit socks in too ! :-D

MollyBeees said...

I LOVE the shoes! I had a pair in every color when they first came out. Smariek is right, great shoes for knit socks!

junior_goddess said...

Those shoes are perfectly fine as long as they never cross your property line. Or go beyond beach or pool!

It would be nice to see some Gemuetlichkeit around here. 'Cept I would kill my self if dirndl wearing was involved, I see nothing Gemuetlichkeity about THAT. My confirmation word is undlygoo, and yes, that's a good word to describe my feelings on dirndl wearing.

YarnThrower said...

I have shoes just like that, except a little bit lighter blue, and I love them. Also, glad they have square holes instead of round ones -- I've always liked squares.