Saturday, April 04, 2009

Some people follow soap operas,

some watch "reality" TV. Me, I've been following Alaska politics. I probably should just keep a close an eye on my own state. I don't doubt that in it's own way it has some drama and plenty of absurdities. Maybe I just haven't found the right Wisconsin blogs to follow. But it's hard to think WI could beat AK for sheer entertainment value these days.

Stevens convicted - Stevens conviction thrown out - Stevens and the Gov want the new Senator (elected before the conviction) to resign for a "do-over". Wha?

Volcano erupting - mudflows could threaten oil tanks - will Exxon empty those tanks in time?

Governor and State Legislature at loggerheads over appointment process - who will sue whom, and when?

Anonymous blogger outed by State Legislator. First Dude's half sister arrested for burglary. Governor's almost son-in-law spills all on Tyra.

I tell you, it's something new everyday. I have almost abandoned knitting blogs for The Mudflats, Andrew Halcro, and Celtic Diva with an occasional stop at the online edition of the Anchorage Daily News.

Seriously, you couldn't make this stuff up.


junior_goddess said...

We lived there for 4 years. I felt certain, moving up there, that finding a new fella would be easy. I was wrong-the odds are good, but the goods are odd.

It's like an inbred redneck hootenanny on ice. Really.

CatBookMom said...

I almost spit my coffee on myself this morning reading about the last two bits of craziness. Ms Gov Palin doing a hissy fit over her granddaughter's father's comments, and in the next article, her SIL is being arrested for daylight burglary. Something about the SIL's daughter saying they'd been to the house before this?

Well, since The Guiding Light soap opera is coming to an end, maybe we could just start The Crazy Palin Show in that timespot??

Odd: my verification word is 'ouseino' - oh you, see no

Cindy G said...

"inbred redneck hootenanny on ice" wins my Hearty Guffaw Before Breakfast award big time. Thanks Bets!