Sunday, November 23, 2008

What I Ended Up Doing

Elizabeth and Junior Goddess Bets both had very clever ideas for filling an old sock draft stopper (and I rather liked Laura's collie suggestion), but here's how it all unfolded.
As I was still mulling over possibilities, I happened to take down two roller shades from two narrow windows. They had never worked quite right, and were starting to look old and tatty looking. Yet they weren't so bad that I could bear to just throw them away. As I was sticking them in a corner for the time being, I realized that they were almost the width of the doors that needed to have drafts stopped. And because they were made of fabric lined with thin foam, and had a narrow ruffle on the end, they had enough bulk to fill out the circumference of a sock pretty well. So I poured about a cup and a half of rice into the toe of one sock and pulled it over one end of a shade.

Repeated with other sock over the other shade end, and there you had it: The lazy women's quickie draft stopper.

The rice in the toes is far enough from the holes in the heels that I think it will stay put.
Laura asked whether I was going to try to match the stripes on the baby socks. I thought about it, but when I started pulling out yarn to get to the right starting point on the second, I realized that I might not have enough to complete it if I did this. So the socks are fraternal, rather than identical.
I was pleased with myself for at least lining up the yellow stripes. I have persuaded myself that this gives a certain "unity in diversity" effect.


YarnThrower said...

At first glance, your socks appear to match! (Excellent work on matching the yellow stripes :-)

Love the draft stopper! Very clever use of a past-its-prime window shade!

Have a great week, and a nice Thanksgiving! I'm so thankful for a nice knitting community right in my own area of the world...even though it took a huge computer system (internet) just to enable me to find such nice ladies!

Elizabeth said...

Excellent recycling! Perfect solution for all the parts.

Love those baby socks.

Kitty Mommy said...

Wow! With the top cuff and yellow toe and other yellow stripes matching, I didn't even suffer a moment of my usual fraternal sock twitchy-ness!

Anonymous said...

I thought the socks WERE matchy-matchy when I looked at them. So I guess their fraternal nature is not too evident.

junior_goddess said...

Yay! How smart!!!

CatBookMom said...

Is there a twin-ness that's partway between fraternal and identical? That's what yours are. And they're so cute!!

Rice - told ya! Glad the draft-stoppers worked out (almost typed gob-stoppers, but that's a different tale).

smariek said...

That's certainly a clever way to recycle your old window shades!