Thursday, November 13, 2008

I may just have to start hooking

I won a neat prize from Amie at - my choice of any two of her pdf crochet patterns. The bikini's were out (at least 30 years too late for me to have the bod to wear them). The shawls were tempting, as were the purses. But I have never done anything more complex with a crochet hook than a single crochet edge to a piece of knitting. So I decided I had better stick to things that looked fairly easy, with no shaping involved, and picked the Melted Crayons Scarf and the Galaxy Scarf

When I downloaded the pattern, I was so impressed with how they are written and laid out! The have the standard written directions

But what really blew me away was the row by row photo tutorial.

This is the next best thing to sitting next to the designer and having her talk you through the project. Hoo-Whee, I think I can do this! Plus there are free instructional videos at the Nexstitch site, (in case I really get stuck).

I'm impressed. Thanks Amie! Having seen these, my only regret is that I didn't choose a more complex pattern for one of my two. But I know where to find them now.


Also thanks to everyone who came up with rutabaga suggestions. I may try more than one, preferably involving significant amounts of butter, or cream, or both. Will report on results.

Oh, and Kmkat asked what "klub" is. To the best of my knowledge it is a sort of blood sausage or blood pudding - probably like lutefisk the kind of thing you have to grow up with to truly crave. Confession here, I have never tried it (the meatballs being much more appealing).


CatBookMom said...

A wonderful crochet-learning site is Sandy has great tutorials, and may have help that is different/better for you from the site you've found.

Srsly, crochet has a great variety of designs, and makes terrific edgings for knits. Plus it goes much faster than knitting. I learned crochet long before knitting ;D

SSK* said...

Any recipe containing blood in the ingredients or in the title is not going to pass my lips!!! There must be a better name and explanation.

smariek said...

That photo tutorial looks really cool! What a great idea!

YarnThrower said...

I confess I've been tempted by the whole crochet thing recently.... Will be interesting to see your foray into it :-)