Monday, April 07, 2008


I did go up to the Sow's Ear on Friday and got my new needles. I've started the new scarf with a provisional cast on, because I will come back later and knit on an edging. I have never mastered the EZ provisional, where you sort of flip two yarns over and under each other. In my repertoire I have the crochet chain cast on, which is slow and fiddly to do, but really quick to remove; or what TechKnitter calls the COWYAK (cast on with waste yarn and knit). This is fast to do, but harder to remove at the end. Since I was impatient to get going, I went with the COWYAK.

My other purpose in hitting the Friday sale was to find some yarn for a sweater for myself. I would like to make a new cardigan and had nowhere near enough of any one yarn in the stash to do it. (My stash tends towards odd balls, sock yarn and some lace weight).

So I grabbed what I could of this Brown Sheep Superwash in Purple Haze.

Looks kind of like plain old Navy Blue in this photo, but I assure you it is really a deep purple. I think I got enough to sqeek out a long sleeved sweater. And then I threw in a couple balls in a nice red and a couple of green, just in case I wanted to add some color at the cuffs or something.

I also picked up a couple of balls of Classic Yarns Cashsoft (57% merino, 33% acrylic, 10% cashmere) in a pale celery green. This means 2 more odd balls in the stash but they are enough for some winter accessory (possible Christmas present).

This last one is Molly Bee's fault. She was winding off a hank (in a different color) as I was standing in line for check out. Of course I asked what it was, and she kindly pointed to the shelf - right next to me - where it could be found.

The last thing I need is 1460 yds of superfine merino. But the price was so good, and more importantly the color is so pretty, that it ended up in the basket as well.
I'm not sure I've ever bought this much yarn in one trip before. Tell me I'm helping the economy....


YarnThrower said...

You are helping the economy!

MollyBeees said...

Happy to oblige your yarn obsession! I can't wait to use my white to start the mystery lace KAL!