Monday, April 14, 2008

Another One Done

Ends woven, washed, blocked: The Little Leaf Stripe Scarf, she is done, and ready to be put away for a future gift.

That's 3 down for Mission Possible. Yeah, we're half way through month four of the year, but the socks are almost finished, too.

The edges do roll inward a bit, but I've decided that when worn this won't matter at all.

Specs: A little under 100 grams of sock yarn (DGB "Confetti": 75% wool/25% nylon) on US size 3 needles. Four repeats of "Little Leaf Lace Stripe" from Barbara Walker's first collection (centered) with a 3 stitch garter border along each side, and 6 rows of plain garter at each end.

I blocked without pins, just dampened and spread to shape, so that was pretty easy-peasy, too.


I'm rolling along on the body of the new scarf in Brooklyn Handspun "Soft Spun". The big question is, how much yarn do I reserve for the edgings that will go at the ends? I think I need to do some weighing and measuring.


Elizabeth said...

It's very nice. I love your photos, too.

YarnThrower said...

Weighing and measuring - yuck -- though generally worth the effort to avoid a BIGGER yuck....

YAY for getting more wip's done!

magnusmog said...

that looks grand - well done on the WIPS :)

Grace Yaskovic said...

very very pretty, what an elegant look

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Someone will be very lucky to get that as a gift.