Friday, July 27, 2007

First off, thanks to everyone who left comments. I love comments and appreciate the feedback/encouragement and the computer hints. I've been making some phone calls. It seems that "for a small fee" we can get someone else to do the file transfers. Hey, I'm willing to pay someone else to do my plumbing, though with enough time an effort I might be able to do it myself. I feel the same way about the computer. So the first part of next week we'll be off to Madison for a new machine. In the meantime, I'm working on deleting old files that I don't want to keep (how did there get to be so many?)

So here's another question. I expect they will try to sell us on Vista as an operating system. Do I resist? Or do I resign myself? Do I even have a choice? Any and all input welcome.


On the knitting front, I am making a hat with the Classic Elite "Waterlily" I picked up on sale last month. It is lovely, lovely yarn. Soft, a bit springy and I really like the color. The picture shows it pretty accurately, though you will have to click to enlarge if you want the check out the fairly subtle color variation.

"Why," you may ask, "is she knitting that hat flat?" Well, on this one I set out specifically to design a pattern for those knitters who prefer to work this way. This may include beginners, and this is definitely an easy knit. But I have also met experienced knitters who would rather work back and forth than round and round. Before I'm done I'll write up directions for working it circularly, too. It's going to be my "Have it Both Ways" hat.


Leslie said...

I had a choice of going with Vista or XP. As I was already using XP Home and since some of the older programs won't run with Vista, I chose XP. Most Microsoft products need some "shakedown" according to what I read in the press, and that, coupled with the idea of having to buy new Office software and loosing some of my favorite games, made me decide to stick with XP. You can alway $pend the $100~ to upgrade in a year or so.

Make sure you save your financial records onto disc or stick before you take the machine in for cloning - just to be on the safe side. And have they guaranteed they will wipe the drive clean or destroy it? Never hurts to double check :)

magnusmog said...

I got Vista free with my laptop and haven't even put it on. XP does all that I need.

The hat looks great - simple knitting suits me fine :)

Christine said...

To me, it's still too early to migrate to Vista. My general rule for upgrading to a new version of Windows, learned the hard way, is to wait a full year, or for the 3rd version of the new OS.
I've also heard there are lots of programs that no longer run under Vista, so make sure, if you do go with it, that you find out in advance which of your programs will run on it.
Love the hat, btw. Gorgeous color and pattern! And I'm one of those experienced knitters who really does prefer knitting flat, although I've never considered making a hat that way.

Cindy G said...

Thanks all for the fast responses. "Older programs may not work" has me convinced. No Vista for me yet. Actually, we plan to ask the Geek Squad to wipe the drive, then give it back to us so we can personally smash it with a hammer....

Elizabeth said...

My son who studies all things geek with great gusto, says not to bother with Vista. He begged for it when he first heard about it, but after reading up on it, has no interest.