Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The Harmony stitch dictionary that I ordered from Amazon finally arrived, and I'm glad to have it. This was my one missing piece from the old series that is going out of print. It doesn't have a lot of patterns that I couldn't have found in either Barbara Walker or Mon Tricot, but it looks like there are a few. It does have the advantage over BW of colored pictures, which aren't so important to me for anything that relies on texture for it's effect, but is nice for the slip stitch color patterns.

I love stitch dictionaries. I use them for bedtime reading, for inspiration, to analyze the "how did they do that?" of a technique. My paperback BW Vol 2 has literally fallen in half. With one basic sweater pattern and one stitch dictionary, a girl (even a girl much younger than me) could knit for the rest of her life without ever repeating herself.

I found out what's going on with the Harmony series: the old ones are being discontinued because Interweave is reorganizing and reissuing them (scheduled for Fall '07). According to IW's web site, the volumes will be grouped by technique (knits & purls, lace and eyelets, aran) with some new stitches included, new samples, new organization - basically a complete rewrite. They don't mention where stitches that don't fall into those three categories will end up. Maybe another volume is in the works. I expect the new series will be excellent. I doubt that I will buy them, given my current holdings, but I will be eager to look through them when they appear in the bookstores.


One of the baby sets almost done. Just a couple more inches on the blanket, and a couple of tweaks to the written directions, and I'll be able to move on to the second set.


MollyBeees said...

Just discovered your blog over at Elizabeth's. Love your designs and stories of small town life. Will be back often!

Cindy G said...

Thanks Molly - so glad you stopped by!