Friday, April 13, 2007

For, lo, the winter is over and past and the voice of the turtle is heard in the land."

That may be overly optimistic, but today is feeling hopeful. After two weeks of freezing weather with strong winds, topped by a significant snowstorm, the sun is out and there is the promise that we will climb back up to fifty degrees. The Mourning Doves may not be exactly Turtle Doves, but close enough (and why "turtle" for birds?). Still have my fingers crossed that some of the tulips will have made it through well enough to bloom. The emerging Bleeding Heart looks really battered, but we'll see.

Debra, the lovely to work with design coordinator at Leisure Arts, passed this along: if anyone is going to be in the vicinity of Little Rock, Arkansas on the 28th of April, they are having a blow out (up to 80% off) warehouse sale on books, including titles from Sunset, Southern Living, Williams Sonoma cookbooks and Cooking Light as well as their own line of crafting books. And 90% off retail on scrapbooking supplies. There are more details at the website.

This month's blogalong topic is "three wishes". I've found that one oddly hard to respond to. Big wishes? small wishes? things I can do something about? sheer fantasy? Of course, there are the big wishes, like world peace, a cure for cancer, the reversal of global warming, respect and tolerance for all people...., but those are hardly personal to me (and just listing them makes me sound like a Miss America contestant). There are some wishes that are probably too personal for blogging (no, not "dirty little secrets", I'm just superstitious about saying some hopes out loud for fear of attracting the evil eye.) So mid-range wishes. OK, here goes...

1) Right now I wish I either had four hands or could knit in my sleep because I have a lot of knitting to finish in the next few week.

2) I wish the evening network news would ban all advertising for prescription medications. They wonder why they can't attract a younger demographic? The ads just scream, "this is programming for old people." Heck, I'm in the target demographic for those ads and they drive me crazy.

3) I wish our next door neighbor wouldn't send her dog over to our yard to poop. Sure, I could talk to her about it, but as my daughter pointed out, our cats are probably pooping in her yard, so maybe I don't want to open that particular can of worms.

So there you are, nothing earthshaking but sincere. Now back to that baby blanket.

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CatBookMom said...

No solution for too much knitting, too little time. But I hope your knitting mojo is going well and you get as few interruptions as possible.