Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Little Sweaters For My Feet

It's January in Wisconsin. That means it's cold and I dress in many layers. But my feet were making do with only one, and even a pair of thick wool socks can use some reinforcement on bare wood floors. So I made slippers.

They aren't fancy knitting, but are very cozy, so I'm happy.

The pattern, which is super easy, came from Drops Design. I didn't have any suitable DK/worsted weight yarn in the stash, so I used two strands of regular sock yarn held together, one a self-patterning stripe and the other a subtly multi tonal.

The only thing I didn't like about the process was sewing the bottom seam - edge to edge garter is kind of a PITA. So I decided to fiddle with the pattern a little so I could work the foot portion in the round. Instead of working toe to top, I started at the top and worked the heel portion flat in garter. Then I joined the round and worked down to to the toe. Since I don't much like working garter stitch in the round, I changed the foot  to a garter rib.

I give the final product mixed reviews. I like the way it looks, but it is less stretchy and cushion-y than the all garter version. And I could have made it just a teeny bit longer. But it's wearable, and will be warm.

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