Sunday, May 01, 2011

Well, At Least It Died in the Driveway

The car, that is.

I got home from work about 12:15 yesterday. At about 1:15 I picked up my knitting bag, intending to head for Last Saturday Knitting; got in the car, turned the key, and Nada, Nothing, Not a Sound. Not grinding or whirring or evidence of any effort to start - just silence.

When Mr. S. got home from a meeting about an hour later, he tried, too. Same result. He's pretty sure it's a problem with the starter. The car is parked just in front of the garage door, and we can't get it into neutral to push it back. Mr. S's. motorcycle is in the garage, and looks as though it will be blocked in for awhile. Aaargh!

Fortunately: 1) the car didn't die on either of the trips I took out of town this past week, 2) Mr. S's car isn't trapped in the garage, 3) Mom was willing to lend me her car which we picked up today. So things could be worse.

Tomorrow I'll have to call our (limited service) local garage and see if one of the guys can come take a look. If, as is very possible, repairs would be beyond their scope, we'll have to figure out what next. But at least for now we both have wheels.

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Anonymous said...

Two words: broken wire. If that is what the problem is, you should be home free.