Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Really Go For the Lunch

I got up this morning and made up a pan of brownies for the Blood Drive. In the early afternoon I carried them up to the High School, and of course stayed to give blood. Since I got there right when they opened up, the lines went pretty quickly, and it didn't take long to get to the good part.

Once you have given blood, you must have something to eat and drink, because they don't want anyone fainting on the way out. The same group of women have been staffing the canteen for years. They always have two kinds of sandwiches (egg salad and ham salad) and trays and trays of home baked cookies and bars. The ham salad is my favorite. The peanut butter rice crispy bars with chocolate on top are my favorites. Needless to say, I had both.


Kim D. said...

You are such an inspiration to all! Donate when you can... Happy Holidays, Kim DeMoise

Anonymous said...

Homemade barss, a Midwestern tradition!