Monday, March 15, 2010

My Littler Heart

Practice makes better, if not perfect. (Who knows, with more practice it may be even closer to perfect.

The smaller double knitting sample came out better, and was less hair raising to work.

You may wonder "Why are there cords coming off one corner?"

Well, Mr S asked me to make him "something colorful" to tie to his backpack when he goes on his trip this summer (to help him spot it among all the other dark luggage on the rack). I figured this would be appropriate.

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SSK* said...

This made me laugh. Our family has "tacky tags" for our luggage. One Christmas years ago, my financially strapped sister braided orange, green, and purple yarn on key rings for each of us to use on our luggage. Most of the tags are still around and they DO make it easy to ID our bags on a carousel!