Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hey, a FO!

That blue bit of knitting from two posts back has turned into a scarf and is drying now. It's not a very long scarf, just barely 40 inches, but it should be fine under a jacket/coat. If I'd had more yarn it would have been longer, but I didn't so it isn't.

It's blocking on some interlocking foam tiles I recently acquired from Knit Picks. It's a pretty slick system, but I wish they came in packages of 16 instead of 12. I don't think 12 will give a large enough surface for a big square shawl or a long stole. I could have ordered two boxes, but 24 tiles would probably be more than I'd ever use at one time.


Anonymous said...

Pretty, pretty!

magnusmog said...


TracyKM said...

Would those blocks interlock with the large squares from the kids' section of Wal-Mart or the flooring section of Home Depot? They come in sets of 4, each is 2' across, I think. I wish I had smaller ones to customize the shape better for triangle shawls--I can't make the 4 squares be wide enough AND long enough at the same time.

smariek said...

Costco (and Home Depot/Lowes, I imagine) has some interlocking foam mats (not in the bright kids colors if that matters) ... eight 24" squares for about $12. Definitely enough for a large shawl. And more cost effective than the ones made for kids that sell for a bit more $$$.