Monday, December 08, 2008

OK now I'm totally confused

After this post from Princess Sparkle Pony, I no longer have any clue where I stand on politics, religion or economics. Or maybe I have a clue where I stand, but I'm not sure whether it any longer has much connection with the world around me. My head hurts.

We attended a lovely holiday concert (excellent Puccini - totally dynamite Zion Gospel Choir) in Madison yesterday. I'm going to go lie down and close my eyes and think about that. It will remind me that the term "civilization" may not yet have become completely meaningless.

After that, I think I had better just get back to my knitting.


Anonymous said...

I saw that somewhere else on the innernets. Totally bizarre. I still think, like the guy in the YouTube video I had my blog last week, that a few years with jars hanging off a donkey would be good for this country and the world. We consume far too much, and any recovery that requires us to keep doing so is doomed to eventually devour us instead. (/soapbox)

Leslie said...

We gave a bunch of money to Wall Street and they're doing diddly squat with it. In my (not so very humble) opinion we should take some of the Wall Street $ out of their fund and use it for Detroit. However, Detroit should have a "Car Czar" who makes sure executive pay/incentives are pared down and the Big Three make some of the same vehicles they are making and selling (successfully) in Europe - cars that are economical and not horribly expensive.

I also think that all raises under union contracts need to be deferred until the country's financial crisis is resolved and the LOANS made to the Big Three are paid back in full with interest.

I'm fully in agreement with kmkat's last sentence.