Tuesday, August 07, 2007


While I was away, it rained in Blanchardville. It rained even more upstream. Here's how things looked yesterday morning.

Normally, you can see a 3 foot dam to the right of the bridge, extending out from the little red building.

View from the bridge. The water is muddy and moving very fast.

The campsites in the park were flooded, though the water had receded a couple of feet since it crested in the middle of the night.

The football field was totally covered, and some of the equipment already out for the beginning of practice season went bobbing away.

So far the baseball diamond and swimming pool escaped inundation, though the field was too wet to play on. All morning, little clusters of people were stopping to look.

The river was back within it's banks by late afternoon. It rained again last night, but so far, no more flooding.


Crys said...

Wow, I hope everything by you is alright. I heard on the news this morning that Blanchardville got the most rain from the storms that rolled through the last couple days.

kmkat said...

I hope no one was camping in that campground. To quote my husband, there is nothing sadder than a wet sleeping bag.

Cindy G said...

Everyone's fine. There were some campers in RV's, but they just pulled to higher ground. We have some water in the basement, but, alas, that is not unusual. There was more rain last night, but when I cruised by this morning the river was within it's banks.

Elizabeth said...

So, I guess all those flood watches were for real! Hope you all dry out quickly! There's another big storm out in Iowa right now, but maybe it'll move past on a more southerly route.