Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Good News

Denise from Quebec emailed me to say:

"I recently phoned the toll-free number at Taunton Press and was told by a customer service representative that Taunton was in the process of negotiating a reprint of Knitting Lace with Susanna Lewis.

After that, a woman on a lace knitting list I subscribe to, said she was a friend of Ms. Lewis and that Ms. Lewis was having her book reprinted."

So there is hope, hooray!

I saw a report, unconfirmed and possibly erroneous, the the Harmony Guides are going to go out of print, or maybe they will stay in print but not be distributed in the U.S. At any rate, that was enough to nudge me into ordering one I don't have. At least I hope it is one I don't have. I picked up the second volume years ago. Since then the series has been re-issued, and what I own looks like what is currently the third volume. So I ordered something that looks like what I don't have, even though it is listed as the second volume. We will see...


As you can see from the picture up top, the pussy willows are out. Of course, most of the pussys are about 9 feet from the ground, so I couldn't get a picture with more than one branch. I have always loved pussy willows. This one grows in our yard, but when I was a child (and it was safe for young children to roam unsupervised for hours with a friend), I used to go down by the lake, among the reeds and cattails, and find them and delight in bringing home such treasure.

The crocus are at their peak. There are clumps of yellow and white, as well as more purple, scattered around the yard. They may not last more than another day or two, with such warm weather (high 70's). But the daffodils are starting to form flower buds, and the tulips have their leaves up. The hot weather won't last. Spring is such a tease. My neighbor, who is pushing 80, says that her father always said "The frogs have to freeze back three times before it's spring."
I heard the frogs - loudly - singing the other night. So just a couple more freezes to go.


CatBookMom said...

Our freesias are still blooming heavily, though they are approaching the end of their season. I'm amazed at how long they last in the vase, just with a bit of trimming of the stem after a couple of days. I have pictures of our wisteria that I mean to post on the resurrected blog tomorrow.

Cindy G said...

Oh I envy you the freesias! They are so lovely and smell like heaven. I never have managed to bring any to bloom, even when we lived in CA. And I love wisteria, too. Enjoy!