Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Putting it All Together

The North Wind doth blow,
And we shall have snow,
And what will poor Robin do then, poor thing?

It's that kind of day. So this seems like a good time to finish up the Tiger, Tiger scarf. I have both pieces done. I finished each by working a pattern row. (This is one of those patterns that have plain purl on the wrong side rows). I did this on purpose, because it means that the grafting stitches will be replacing a plain row. So even though some of the stitches I'll be joining are yarn overs, I will just be grafting in knit. Well, that's not entirely true, because there's a four stitch garter border at each side. I'll have to graft those stitches in purl. But I can manage that, especially since I'm going to leave the markers in place to remind me when to switch. I'm just not ready to take on working yarn overs and decreases as I go.

First I'm taking a tapestry needle threaded with crochet cotton and running lifelines through the live stitches on each needle. I didn't use lifelines while knitting the pieces, because the yarn was large enough and the pattern (relatively) simple enough that I didn't have any trouble figuring out where I was when I ripped back. But if I have to pick back any grafting I will feel more secure in having the lines in.

I left the markers in place, but did not run the lifeline through them.

I lined up the knitting needles with the right sides of the fabric facing outwards (wrong sides together), and the grafting yarn coming off the needle farthest from me, and away I went.

Some of the grafted stitches are a bit loose, so I will use the tip of the tapestry needle to tighten them up, one by one. The lifelines are going to be useful here, too, in indicating which row I'm tightening (the stitches between the lines, not on them).
So, a few more stitches to graft, a mere four ends to weave in, and then on to blocking. I'll post a picture when that's complete.

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